Senior Frontend Engineer

April 28, 2022

Job Description

For over 50 years, we’ve been creating immersive experiences for some of the world’s leading brands and their customers around the world, and the best part is… we’re just getting started on our next chapter.

We’re a global technology company focused on creating dynamic, smart, personalised and engaging customer experiences powered by our range of digital hardware and proprietary content management system. (For example: If you’ve ordered in-store or in the drive-thru at McDonald’s somewhere in the world in the last few years, chances are you’ve interacted with our digital solutions.) We work in over 50 global markets and have 9 offices around the world, with a global headquarters proudly located in our founding home of Sydney, Australia.

Coates Group has the values of a family-owned business and the innovative spirit of a start-up because of our unique evolution. Through hard work, dedication and creativity, we’ve become industry leaders who have won awards and set records. We are a 2x Australia Good Design Award winner and we successfully completed the largest hardware deployment in Quick Service Restaurant history.

We are curious, charismatic and authentic. We are imaginers, solutionists, experts, makers, thinkers and collaborators. And together, we are creators, allowing us to make our purpose a reality – to create immersive brand experiences for everyone.

Primary Role

Develop projects for global and national clients
Bring concepts and ideas to life through purposeful web development
Innovative user experience techniques with data model design
Adding and building features into our current framework
Mentoring and developing junior colleagues
Work as an active participant of our team
Daily Stand Ups; and
Planning and estimation of tasks
Code reviewing peers and junior colleague’s work
Delivery of clean, robust, modular code

Key To The Role

Minimum 4-5 years prior experience in front end engineering
Highly proficient in HTML/CSS3 and CSS animation
Advanced knowledge of modern JavaScript (ES6-2022) and TypeScript
Advanced expertise using JavaScript frameworks, with a preference for React, to create components and applications
Expertise in Redux for state management, and RxJS for event based reactive programming
Familiarity with React tooling like Redux Toolkit, selectors and React Context API
Experience using component libraries like Material UI
Familiarity implementing real-time experiences
Expertise in unit testing using tools such as, Mocha, Jasmine, Jest, Cypress
Strong knowledge of SASS and LESS preprocessors
Experience with NodeJS applied to workflows and build pipelines
A solid understanding of engineering best practices and can work with Git version control
Excellent interpersonal skills and a clear communicator
Innovative problem-solving capabilities
Can follow instructions and brief
Keen eye to detail and a focus on quality
Advocate for new and innovative technologies, and continuous improvement in our product line-up
Practicality – Can scope and deliver project in a realistic timeframe.


Expert JavaScript/ECMAScript6 skills
Experience working with abstraction layers, ORMs, and UI component frameworks such as Material-UI, Angular Material
Experience working with complex state management architectures and related libraries (redux, flux, ngrx, rxjs)
Excellent understanding of design patterns and when to use them
Experience with dealing with ambiguity – pulling apart complex, incompletely defined problems and solving them
Agile working environment experience and TDD approach
Experience working with build tools such as create-react-app, angular-cli, webpack, and gulp
Ability to produce quality enterprise-grade code within time constraints
Ability to work well within a fast-paced team of like-minded developers
Experience working with HTTP 2.0/Web Sockets/SSE a plus
Experience working with JSONAPI a plus
Excellent written and spoken English and general communication skills

Join a Crew that Cares

Be part of a global team of talented, ambitious, creative people that value integrity, individuality and inclusivity. (Ask us about our Equality + Empowerment Initiative and why we believe your unique perspective makes a big difference.)

It’s Coates’ commitment to empower and develop its people that sets us apart. This is done through Crew-first policies like an annual market competitive bonus program, opportunities for rapid growth and our “Thrive Program”.

The cornerstone of Thrive is our flexible work approach, which includes a suite of flexible work options because we’re strong believers that you should never miss an important life or work moment. Thrive also provides dedicated time to prioritize our health and wellbeing (think virtual Yoga or meditation sessions), a Global Wellness paid day off to recharge as well as a “Give Back Day” to allow our Crew an opportunity to make an impact in the community.

Be inspired To Be More

We skip the red tape and aim to always stay nimble. We’re proud of where we’ve been and are energized by where we’re going. We encourage ideas and perspectives because we know the more we have, the better we are. We work hard but have fun along the way. We push the boundaries but keep it real and authentic. We believe in the values that got us here are the ones that will continue to lead us forward. We are excited by what we’ve accomplished, but know the best is yet to come.