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Reducing complexity, standardizing the underlying technology platform and reducing the total cost of ownership are all key goals for organizations. RecordPoint supports these goals as it is entirely built into the Microsoft platform and leverages your existing investments in SharePoint or Office 365.

Available for both on-premises and the cloud, RecordPoint offers a globally standard compliant, rules-based records management solution that solves the complexity of record management for SharePoint and Office 365.

• Make records management possible – achieve your compliance goals without compromising the user experience

• Meet obligations for Records Standards in your jurisdiction

• Enshrine broader information management policies and processes into the organization

• No content can be destroyed without appropriate approval or disposal processes

RecordPoint serves its customers by providing a cost-effective platform for the governance and management of physical and digital documents and records. As organizations transition from paper, microfiche, on-premises data storage and legacy recordkeeping platforms to the cloud, RecordPoint enables these organizations to maintain compliance across these disparate systems.

Our commitment to customers—especially those in the public sector—is to provide a high-end modern compliance engine that delivers the appropriate controls to preserve and manage information—today and in the future.

Engineering easy and powerful records management software is the goal of RecordPoint. Empowering business users to take control of their records management processes. RecordPoint provides organizations of all types and sizes a trusted, globally compliant, automated and affordable platform that works with systems today and tomorrow. As an organization, we ensure that information created and shared is accurate, secure, and discoverable, to mitigate risk, and maximize usefulness.