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About Company

At Carted, we are building the future of commerce. Carted enables developers to make commerce seamless by connecting them to millions of merchants and billions of products with a single API.

We began with an ambitious plan to solve native checkout for video content. But, our vision quickly expanded when we saw a bigger problem with a much bigger opportunity to help others:

What does commerce look like when anyone can sell anything anywhere?

From brick-and-mortar retail to online stores and marketplaces, access to products has always been a limiting factor. You need to integrate merchant-by-merchant to expand your product range. Not to mention maintaining all of those integrations. We don’t think that’s how it should work, so we’re changing it with Carted.
Carted indexes every product on the internet so you can display and sell them from inside your content. Rather than integrating with each merchant, you just integrate with us. Your product catalog then continues to grow alongside Carted.
Building distributed and contextual commerce like this empowers platforms, communities, and creators to make dream commerce experiences that weren’t possible before, such as native multi-merchant checkout.